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  • Tide R., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Awesome place to train. Coaches are amazimg and patient.

    Tide R.
  • Jenni M., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Highly trained and skilled instructors, good mix of classes and levels, well-organized and run. Also, they have good swag.

    Jenni M.
  • Rebecca, Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    I've been learning krav maga from the instructors here for just over a year and it has changed my life. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever been in a fight, felt unsafe on the street, faced sexual harassment and/or assault  and wants to learn how to defend themself and get home safe.

  • Lane E., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Great environment—the instructors rock, and classes are fun and engaging. Highly recommend.

    Lane E.
  • Gabriella M., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Great classes with that "everybody is welcome" atmosphere

    Gabriella M.
  • Alysha C., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    We were there for a two day training for work. Excellent trainers. They walk you through the motions and build upon what you’re learning to take you through different situations. The training helped me to gain some confidence and hopefully react better if a situation arises. I would definitely recommend this training to everyone.

    Alysha C.
  • Jayme C., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Wanna learn self defense in a safe environment? 

    Wanna get stronger, faster, smarter for yourself and your community? 

    This is the place. 

    Krav Maga has changed my life. I️ love the instructors, the students, the community. 

    Come take a class. You’ll walk away stronger and safer...and you’ll be proud of yourself for showing up.

    Jayme C.
  • Jeff M., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    The best Krav Maga training center in Washington, D.C.

    Jeff M.
  • Adam T., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    The instructors are professional and incredibly knowledgeable. If your looking for a real world practical self-defense you have to go Krav Maga, and these guys are the best. 

    Adam T.
  • Daryl C., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Great place with great people! Started learning one the first day! Definitely worth checking out if you are thinking about Krav Maga!

    Daryl C.
  • Alexander C., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    If you're interested in fitness and self defense, this is your place.

    Alexander C.
  • Teren C., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    1. Great workout!!

    2. Every class you take you walk out more prepared to address the unexpected violence that comes with living in our society.

    3. The confidence that comes from the practice and repetition and growing strength will more often enable you to diffuse potential violent situations before it happens!! The instructors are magnificent and detailed ... I encourage everyone to take these classes!!

    Teren C.
  • Andre B., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Great way to keep in shape and an extremely practical way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Specialized seminars that go over different forms, situations and environments that you could encounter on the street, home or work. You will always walk away learning something new and useful and the instructors are top notch. I recommend it to all of my friends.

    Andre B.
  • Meredith S., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    The Krav Maga Capitol Hill instructors go above and beyond to ensure each student feels safe in the training environment and empowered by the end of each class.

    As an individual tasked with traveling overseas for work, I have no doubt that the Krav Maga Capitol Hill team have made me safer-- be it through my increased situational awareness, confidence and decisiveness, or general fitness ability.

    I would highly recommend Krav Maga Capitol Hill to anyone looking to improve their fitness and confidence, but also anyone looking for a lively and loyal community to join. The instructors will absolutely help you meet your goals!

    Meredith S.
  • Michael P., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    I thought I knew all there was to know about Krav Maga when I visited Mr Mount's facility in Maryland. It wasn't the case. Jeff Mount opened my eyes to Krav Maga in a way that relates specifically to me and my needs, and I've never had that before. And I saw him do this with every student. He is an instructor that cares for the people and their safety with some of the deepest passion that I've ever seen. It's that passion that has inspired me, still!

    In your life you will come across instructors that will do the job and perform exactly what is required. They will accept your money and perform a service and you will leave with something that is worth the money you rendered. That will not be the case at Jeff Mount's school. He will care about you in the most profoundest of ways and will inspire you to accomplish things in your life you never knew you were capable of! And the money you spend will seem so insignificant compared to the feelings you have when you leave his classrooms, you'll feel absolutely amazing.

    If you are lucky enough to live or work in the District of Columbia, stop doing what you're doing and come to Krav Maga Capitol Hill. Send your loved ones, bring your friends, I promise you this will be one of the best decisions you've ever made!

    Michael P.
  • Harry S., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    You have an incredible opportunity to learn from a fantastic and very knowledgeable staff!

    Harry S.
  • Devin M., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Great program, coaches and location. I'd highly recommend giving it a try!

    Devin M.
  • Ralph H., Krav Maga Capitol Hill Testimonials

    Wow!! What a fantastic experience!! I was pushed to my limits and learned techniques that will potentially save my life!!

    Ralph H.
  • Excellent, kind, knowledgeable staff. Just started training in Krav Maga and each instructor has taught in a no bull, easy to understand manner. These are all really good people. I highly recommend checking this facility out if you're a beginner or advanced, or call if you just want courteous and detailed information on their training programs. 5 stars *****

    Erik Stanger
  • This place is legit. Trained here for years. It's a factory of badass. Instructors are well qualified, the facility is amazing and the community they've built is awesome. If you want be safer or knock out some personal fitness goals, check out this establishment.

    Alex C.


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