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Jeff Mount in Washington DC - Krav Maga Capitol Hill

Jeff Mount

Jeff is an Expert 7/3rd Degree Black Belt and the Chief Instructor at both Capitol Hill and Columbia.

In 2005, Jeff took his first Krav Maga class on the opening day of Krav Maga Maryland. While in college, Jeff was a bartender and heard about the opening day from one of his customers. Given his martial arts background (a 3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do), Jeff loved the practicality and aggression of the self-defense system. As a naturally passionate and aggressive person, he loved that in training, those things were encouraged!

Outside of teaching and training, Jeff enjoys hiking, camping, shooting at things, and reading. If Jeff was a fish, he would be a dolphin (that’s a mammal, Jeff…) because they are smart, work well in groups, and are good communicators. Jeff’s favorite book series is the Dark Tower by Stephen King. In his full-time work, Jeff is the Director of Operations for all KMMD locations.

Jeff’s most rewarding moment of teaching was the day he trained a Girl Scout Troop and a Marine Unit in the same day.

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